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  • If college tuition fee is free, the rat will never attend the same college with the cat. In strategic partnership, one needs to choose wisely if you want to reach the top.

  • It is not how long you have been broke but how wealthy you are now. The rest is history

  • If you desire a one year return on your investment, grow a corn. If you desire a twenty year return on your investment, grow trees. If you desire a lifetime return on your investment, grow people.

    Carlos Cervantes
  • The shortest way to success is by having a mentor or a coach with a proven track record.

Creating A Lasting Legacy
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  • "I used BAI Limited services about a year ago at a time when my personal and business development seemed to have plateaud - I lacked the confidence I needed to move forward. After 3 months of working with BAI Limited, I got the breakthough I needed and have since grown my business to the next level. I came away not only believing but knowing that I could do it. I highly recommend BAI Limited to anyone who wants to achieve greatness."

    M. Makonnen BSc (Hons)
  • "Rev Benjamin really helped me clarify my vision of what I wanted to achieve in my business and supported me in achieving my goals.  I found him inspiring and stimulating to work with and am happy to recommend him and BAI Limited to anyone wanting to develop and grow their business."

    Diana Widdows, Registered Osteopath, www.dianawiddows-osteopathy.co.uk
  • "I will personally recommend BAI Ltd to any organisation requiring training for the improvement of staff performance and team building. I have used BAI Ltd four times and we are reaping the benefits.  Training is always centred on your needs to achieve your maximum goals. Professionalism is one of their strengths.  Using BAI Ltd would be money well invested, something you will never regret."

    Bishop Grace Osae (Presiding Bishop)